Visibility for Emails from Automated Email Marketing (Dashboard)

We are using Copper as CRM, but using Autopilot to automate outreach and follow up emails to face to face leads we are meeting at conferences, and plan to automate an increasing amount of prospecting emails. We love the gmail integration and the visibility of our entire team's correspondence with a given contact in the activity tab. Is there a way for automated emails sent from autopilot to show up in the activity log without having to manually enter?  I know there are Copper -Autopilot Zapier integration options but I did not see this as one of the potential Zaps. Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Zachary,

    Any email sent directly from a Google hosted platform will automatically sync into Copper as an activity.  Emails sent from an external hosted network would have to be integrated into Copper via the API as a custom Activity Type. 

    Zapier supports the "action" of logging a custom Activity Type into Copper, you'd just need to identify what the "trigger" would be.  Example: Trigger = Autopilot Campaign Sent, Action = Copper Activity Logged.

    You'll also want to go into Settings>>Customize>>Activity Types within Copper to create an activity type called something like, "Autopilot Email" so that Zapier can identify which specific Activity Type to log.

    I hope this helps!

  • Hey Zachary

    I suggest checking out Outfunnel. It is similar to Autopilot, but it also posts activities to Persons and Leads when they open or click a link in an email. Exactly what you are looking for.

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