Email tracking - reporting others have read when I open

My emails are showing that they have been opened by the recipient when it is clear that I am the one who opened it.

Evidence of this is when an email bounces back and I open the bounce back it will say that the receipt opened and read the email.

Is there a way to fix this?



  • Hi Julian,

    Email tracking is a Chrome functionality - At the moment we don't have a way to adjust Chrome's criteria for email tracking. Although this is Chrome functionality, it can't hurt to post this as a feature request on our Feature Request Board!  This way we can escalate the request through our internal channels and evaluate a possible solution with Chrome.



  • Hey Julian,

    I'd recommend to check out Outfunnel - a marketing automation tool that integrates tightly with Copper. Once you send out an email we give you an accurate report on who opened, clicked, bounced and unsubscribed and sync this information back to Copper.

    Feel free to reach out to me directly if you are interested in a demo:

    PS. Full disclosure, I am one of the co-founders.

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