New to Copper, looking for assistance with sub-records and lookup/reference tables

Hi everyone,


Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Apologies if this has been discussed, I have been unable to find the answer to my question. 


I am trying to create an automated web form to opportunity creation with multi-level approval and acceptance by the customer with Copper CRM, which I can work through; however, I want to have sub-records of a company that can be used in the future for new opportunities.


Each company will have sub-records, that the opportunity is based on to create contracts from the information contained in the sub-record, and other information (commodity and delivery tables, which I also need to maintain in Copper).

My question is, how would I create these other sub-records that are specific to the customer?

EG: Customer Bob has five houses. Each of these houses is a sub-record of Bob. If Bob adds a new house via the webform, the 6th houses are associated with Bob's company, and a new opportunity is created. 

The Opportunity calculates info from what Bob's new house record contained, as well as reference standard items from a lookup table with Copper (or elsewhere) to generate a quote for Bob.

Again, I can get my head around the automation and workflows, but lookup and linked tables and linked fields to Bob's company, I can't see them (or maybe it's a terminology issue).

I would appreciate anyone's feedback or suggestions.










  • Hi Alex - 

    This seems somewhat complicated to discuss via text, as it may be a terminology issue. We recommend attending the Live Workflow Automation Webinar offered on Tuesdays at 8:00 am Pacific Time so you can pose your questions to Kevin who runs that webinar.

    Depending on what records you wish to use, this is likely possible using Zapier or having a third party developer create a direct API connect between Copper and the webform application you are using.

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