Detailed reports on an opportunity

I'm hoping to accomplish a somewhat straightforward but critical workflow that is possible in Salesforce: 

1 - Each time a salesperson takes a meeting on an opportunity, they are expected to summarize the meeting in a note including both structured (ie. 'use case discussed' from a drop-down list) and unstructured (ie. meeting summary) information. 

2 - When that report is completed, it would ideally be sent out to the rest of the team by email, so we can better share knowledge from meetings and calls. This list includes people that may not be following/owning an opportunity, and may not be Copper users (ie product managers looking for information from the field). 

We are currently replicating this workflow by creating a Google Doc template, logging it as a meeting in Copper with a link (so that the record is associated with the opportunity), and then sharing the Google Doc with the group. Not ideal, and if it's not possible I'm likely to rip out the system.  



  • Hi Craig - 

    To export these activities in real time, consider using a Zap via Zapier to automatically push the text of a particular activity type to a Google Sheet. If the Note activity is used to capture multiple types of interactions, using a unique activity type for this process will keep the results on the Google sheet limited to the need at hand. 

    Then you can grant access to the G-Sheet to those that should have there eyes on this data, both Copper users and non-users.

    To manually export these activities at specific intervals (weekly, bi-monthly, etc) put to use this easy custom tool we've built by visiting 

    This will give you activities on all records and you can sort by what they are related to. All you need is a user email and an API token that user has generated. 

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