Suggestions Wanted: Project Setup for Tracking Sample Test Results

Our company works in the industrials mineral sector, and a large amount of work the sales guys do is working with our R&D team to test new products with customers.

The "Projects" section of Copper is ideal for managing testing of products, but there is a slight issue in that we would like to filter the emails bought through/associated to the project.  We do not need to have all emails from the customer(s) included in the project, just the ones associated with the sample testing.

Is this possible to do?  Has anyone else come across a similar requirement and figured out a solution?




  • Hi Hannah,

    I'm glad to hear that our Projects feature is supporting your use case!  As far as emails go, at the moment we are unable to filter or attach emails specific to a Project.  Having said that, this is a known friction point when it comes to syncing emails from the Person record to related records like Projects or Opportunities. 

    I recommend submitting this as a feature request on our Feature Request Board so we can properly document and escalate your request.  The more requests we have for a particular feature help us prioritize our user's needs!


  • My company does something similar. We use opportunities to track commercial construction projects. We only want those relevant emails related to that project to show in the opportunity, not ALL emails from the people involved. 

    We created a dummy person to use in the mandatory field "Primary Contact", it's just our company name with no email address. That is the only person showing in the right hand "People" panel. Then we created a custom connected field to also use in the opportunity that we link associated people with. 

    Then back in gmail, we use the black C icon from the gmail extension to relate the emails to the opportunity as we see fit. 

    Hope that helps.

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