Is it possible to add additional contact fields to Opportunities?

Within our pipeline, an opportunity may have more than just the 'Owner' and 'Primary Contact'. For example, we need to note the Success Manager and the Technical Lead who are associated with it. I don't see a way to build this as a custom field and am wondering if there is a way to achieve this?




  • Based on your description, it seems you would like to relate either additional People records (reference to Primary Contact field) or additional Copper Users (reference to Owner field) to the Opportunity.

    To relate additional People records, use the related record panel on the right hand side to the Opportunity record. You can review this article for more details.

    To list additional Copper Users, add a custom multi-select dropdown field to the Opportunity record on the applicable pipeline with a list of pertinent users and then you can select those that are involved on each record. You can review this article for more details.



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