Relating multiple emails to a project?

How do I relate multiple emails in my Gmail inbox to a project instead of opening each single email and relating it manually?



  • Hi Klaus,

    Emails would need to be related individually, however, you can also relate a Person record to a Project in Copper, which would sync all email correspondence with that individual to the Project.



  • I have a similar issue. We have repeat customers where I only want to relate project relevant emails not all emails from a person. For example, the director of facilities may be connected to many projects, and I just need to filter out the emails for one specific project.

  • I've been after the same thing. Don't need all of the email, you end up with so much stuff that is irrelevant! The ability to pin or select certain emails is essential. Currently, I just end up turning emails off as you end up with far too much noise. 

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