email sync with Cooper

I am trying to use copper, but I have some concerns and doubts...I do not understand some things.
First off all I would like to ask, why in my e-mail doesn't appears nothing ?
  • he other thing is that I am in charge of reading and organizing the e-mails of my manager and I would like to know if it somehow possible to sync his e-mails with my Copper, or with my e-mail . More specifically I would like to be signed in into my Gmal account, and in cooper to see his e-mails from his Gmail account. ( I have the user and the password set into my computer ). because I have to take notes and make to-do's , reminders for them.
  • another problem is that my manager is using Cropp, but in the left side at the activities in his account   he doesn't  see all the activities from e-mails with peoples....only the calendar events, meetings are there.

Looking forward for a fast answer.



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