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I´m a user of Prosper works. We are a consulting company with professional services B2B. We have had a hard work done to work only with inbound marketing. 
It works good.

if a potential customer is in the pipline in a stage we have had a visit at his office to speak about our consulting model or the guys tell us, the contract is ok. but we need more time. The project will be negotiatet in 6 months, we must give them personalised informations like articles or white papers and so on.

I have read that you prevere mail chimp - but the last entry is 2 years old.
Guys wrote about more interations in "Prosperworks" - long time ago....

What is the present status and what is planned in the future?

we are based in Germany and we are now 28 years in the consulting market.
We work with everything we can use to support our customer. 
And we miss at the moment Marketingautomation Features.

thanks a lot for your answer




  • Hi Harald - you should check out I think this will be able to solve your MailChimp integration issue!

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