Rethink Copper's features in terms of "issue tracker". It is not fit for that purpose.

Copper was a CRM. It has started to take on the role of an Issue Tracker. But, somehow during that shift in role, the designers have forgotten to add essential features of an Issue Tracker.


* when admin suspends a user (seat) from a CRM - the only thing that matters is that the ex-user should no longer be able to access the CRM.


* when admin suspends a user (seat) from an Issue Tracker - the ex-user should no longer be able to access the data, AND also their existence should not be forgotten in the system. The system needs to retain and reflect the knowledge that these user where involved in creating, assigning and commenting on tasks and issues.

At this moment in time, as an IT person, I feel Copper looks good on the surface and can sell itself to a salesman and CEO. But, for the operations people who have to make it work - Copper is not fit for purpose as an issue tracker.

Please go back to square-one, revisit Copper’s ‘Inception Deck’ to ensure you can understand issue trackers from the stand-point of eternity (not just the stand-point of the Copper sales process). 



  • Since writing this feature request, I have discovered that Slack (the messaging SAAS) found themselves in a similar situation and resolved it, creatively, by introducing a Fair Billing policy - where we, the customers, only pay for active users.

    See: A small change Slack made 48 hours before launch shows why users love its $2.8 billion app

    If Copper adopted a similar solution, it would mean Copper would not have to dedicate time to develop the missing features to cope with their customers' 'employee churn' and we, the customers, won't have to be pay for unused seats.

    Just a thought. 

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