Tasks - Show which People/Companies/Opportunities/Leads have Active Tasks Related to Them

Similar to how a green dollar sign ($) appears next to the names of People or Company records that have open Opportunities related to them when viewing records under the People and Company list views, it would be very helpful to show a symbol next to Lead/People/Company/Opportunity record names that have open tasks related to them so that from a management standpoint, we could see which contacts that we don't have follow up tasks/next steps scheduled with. It would be even better if it could be added as a column that could be filtered and/or exported into Sheets for reporting.

As it stands now, we have to use a "next steps" column for the purpose of documenting future planned follow up activities and that field would be much better served if those comments could be added as tasks...but the lack of tracking options for tasks limit our ability to use them. 



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