Update Mailchimp Integration

I'm hoping that Copper will update its integration with Mailchimp.  Namely, mailchimp is no longer using lists and now uses audiences.  It recommends that you have a single audience and separate people using groups.  When there were multiple lists, you could see in Copper which list a person was subscribed to in Mailchimp.  Now that people are all in one master audience and separated into groups instead, that data is not visible from Copper.  Additionally, Copper states that it integrates with Mailchimp on the following fields: first name, last name, email.  It would be WONDERFUL if it would also integrate the tags field such that the tags that you list in Copper would display in Mailchimp.  That way if I wanted to send a Mailchimp campaign to all the people from a particular tag in Copper, I could do so easily.  Could you please update this integration?



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