No Response from Copper Support

Is anyone else suffering from no responses to their support tickets ... or is it just me?

I have had a ticket open for almost 9 weeks without a response despite following up and resubmitting the same issue on a new ticket number.

The front line support person says that it has been escalated and ignores any further enquiries about the status.

Does anyone at Copper actually read these Posts anyway?

Refer a different post from another client asking for a human to make contact with their business that has had no response for 5 months!




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    Sorry that it took so long to get a resolution for you.  I just took a look and it looks like everything is resolved now.

    We've been refreshing our customer success strategy from the ground up as we want to offer our customers a better service and unfortunately, there have been some areas that we fell behind on.  We're going to be getting back to the posts that we missed.

  • Hi Wyndham 

    That particular issue has been resolved after I escalated it pretty dramatically.

    I am glad to hear that the cracks are getting filled in.


  • We're working on it.  Sorry that you had to go to that level to get it resolved.

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