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I'm a real estate broker specializing in Vacation Condominium Towers in a few different cities. I'm currently a trial user, but like what I see so far. If I can get squared away on this topic, I will probably convert to a subscriber.

I have many customers who have already contacted me that are in these categories:


To Understand my situation, it may help to further explain that the Buyers/Sellers etc may be interested in multiple, different Condo Towers.  For example: A BUYER may be interested in buying a 2 bedroom in Tower A, and/or a 3 Bedroom in Tower B.  A SELLER may own a 2 bedroom in Tower A and a 1 Bedroom in Tower B.

  • Buyers may be interested in selling (what they already may own), buying more, or renting out the unit(s) they own.
  • Sellers may have been interested in selling in the past, but have not yet sold.  They may be interested in renting out their unit.  They may need to sell now.
  • Renters may rent, or Buy.
  • Landlords will rent their units, Buy more units from me, or Sell any/all of their units.


  1. How should I think of a Condo Tower within Copper?  Is it a project, like I saw in one help topic?  A company?  Or a custom field within a Lead or Person record?
  2. When I have a buyer for Tower A, how can I pull up existing owners/sellers of Tower A so I can contact them easily?
  3. I have a lot more questions but let's start here and see if this helps get me sorted out.

Thank you in advance.

Tom Kessler



  • Hi Tom,

    Great questions! I'll tackle them one by one below:

    1. I would recommend setting up the Condo Tower as its own Company. This way, you can click into the condo tower's record and see all the buying/renting/selling opportunities related to it, as well as any documents (e.g. floorplans, brochures), contact into for building management, people who work for the condo corp, etc.
    2. Two options here - either tag the owner/renters with "Condo Tower A" and then do a filter, or set up a connect field that related sellers/owners to the Condo Tower's record. Then if you have a buyer looking for a unit in Condo Tower A, you can click into that condo tower's record and see a list of owners/sellers once you relate then. Conversely, you could like into an owner's record and see a list of condo towers they own units in.
    3. Feel free to contact our sales or customer success team with additional questions!


    Michelle Lee, Customer Enablement Manager

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