Welcome to the Copper Feature Requests Community

This is the space for you to help us decide what we should add to Copper!

If there's something that you would like to see added to Copper then please raise a request for it.  If it's already been raised then please vote on it.  We actively go through any posts that get 10 or more votes to assess them for our roadmap.  Voting or commenting on a thread will make sure that you're kept up to date with any changes.


Each request in the Community will have a status. Below is the definition for each of the status available:

None: We haven't got around to reviewing this one as it might have not hit 10 votes or you've managed to catch it between the 10 votes and us reviewing it.

Planned: We're planning on working on this but haven't started work on it yet.

- In Beta Testing: We're actively beta testing this with customers.  Please add a comment to the thread if you're interested in being part of the pilot.

-  Released: The feature is now generally available. No further updates will be made to the status and voting will be disabled.

Not Planned: We don't plan on adding this functionality to Copper.  We want to make sure that Copper stays true to its principles so we don't add everything to the app.  Check the thread in case there is a partner solution for it.



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