Who would like better interaction on this forum from Copper?

After spending plenty of time searching Copper's "Topics" in the help center, I often find myself coming to the Q & A to look for support for a question that may have already been asked only to find the question I was searching for unanswered by anyone.  I understand this is a community forum but Copper should have enough of our business to afford a support team to answer the majority of these questions or at least direct us to the thread in which it was already answered. Am I missing something here? If you agree, please click the "Yes" button. Perhaps they will see there is enough of us out there wishing for more help.



  • I totally agree.  This place is a ghost town where questions come to DIE.  

  • I realize this is called community for a reason but due to the majority of the posts not getting any replies, it's usually not worth my time to even try this as a resource. Every post should have a response from Copper, even if just to say "this topic has been addressed in a previous post" and give a link. There are so many valid questions on here that as you said perfectly "come to die". In the big picture, designating someone to answer these questions to build up a great resource would lessen the calls and messages sent to Copper. I'm guessing they are getting a high call/message load since there isn't a resource for us to go to. I prefer to do a quick search vs taking the time to chat online which can take a significant amount of time due to them chatting with multiple customers at one time. I hope they will invest more time in this area.

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