Automating following records with API

I'd love to be able to automatically assign users to follow a record as soon as it's created using the API.



  • Hey Evan!

    I'm sure we could do something creative here. Curious of the use-case, because maybe we could have one of the "automatically follow records when... XYZ" under notifications:


    So how are they being created via the API? Are you able to, depending on the content or a custom field value determine who you'd like to have follow the entity, and then automate the assigning of the record (ownership), or log an activity via that user, or something to trigger the "follow" to happen?

    I think there's a pretty nifty workaround that we could accomplish here between the above options alongside some automation logic.

    If there's value in solving this problem then happy to learn more and see where we can help. Feel free to contact me here.

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