Copper Reminders in Google Calendar

When I add a task with a deadline date, it shows in my google calendar. However, when sending a meeting invitation link, it does not consider the Copper Reminded calendar and shows I am free when it should show busy.
Reply from support:
"As a workaround, you can indicate a dummy calendar event on the time slot that has the task's due date/time. In this way, the meeting invitation link will show your status as busy on these time slots.
I understand that this would be helpful on your end.
We try to keep Copper updated with features to help you be more productive. In this case, however, it is clear we have a bit more work to do."
I would like to have the copper reminders appear as an event in the google calendar so the meeting scheduler link can identify tasks and understand I am busy and do not allow to book events.


  • Wonder if you could accomplish something like this with I used to use them for making it so my personal events (from my personal calendar), would automatically create a "busy" event in my work calendar, so that people weren't able to book meetings during my personal events (separate calendar).

    I wonder if you'd be able to do that but selecting the "Copper Reminders" as your "personal" calendar of sorts. Pretty sure it'd automatically do exactly what support is recommending there.

    Nonetheless, some other calendar invite tools (I think like ChiliPiper/Calendly/etc.) allow you to select multiple calendars to look at to show availability, not just your primary calendar. So you might have better luck with using a proper standalone calendar app that integrates with Google Calendar versus using the quite restrictive Copper Meeting Scheduler as it hasn't been updated since it was created more than 3 years ago. It doesn't appear to be a focus for the team either, so wouldn't be surprised if this is its final form.

    Anyway, hope this helps and best of luck! :)

    Alex (

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