Working with People

Working with People

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In Copper, People are the contact records for specific individuals. Often, they are your customers, or qualified contacts that you’re moving through your business process. They may also be non-customer contacts such as partners, vendors, or anyone else you may interact with through Copper.

In this article, we'll cover the following:

You can either add your new contacts directly as people, or start them off as leads if you need to investigate their potential as a customer before moving forward as adding them as a business contact.


Do I Add my Customer as a Lead or a Person?

If you don’t have a qualifying process for your leads and each potential business opportunity is immediately put into the pipeline stage as a customer, then you should skip the leads process and add your customer directly as a person.

Have you decided to add new potential customers as a lead instead of a person? Check out our documentation on leads to get started!

Creating a New Person Record

To access your People landing page, click the People icon


on the left navigation menu.


You can create a person record in one of three ways:

  • Adding a New Person from scratch

  • Importing People from another source

  • Converting a Lead

The first two methods are accessible by clicking the ADD NEW button at the top of the People section.


Let's go over each method separately.

Adding a New Person from Scratch

  1. Click the ADD NEW button. A drop-down menu will appear.

  2. Select Add Person. A new dialog box will appear.

  3. Fill out as much information as you have in the Add a New Person dialog box. The only required field is the Name field, all other blank fields are optional.

  4. Once you’ve finished filling out all the information you’ve gathered, click the Save button in the bottom right corner of the dialog box.

Importing People

For instructions on importing, please view our documentation on How to Import Data into Copper, How to Import Data from Excel or CSV or How to Import from Google Contacts.

Convert a Lead to a Person

If you have an existing lead that you would like to turn into a person, you can do so from that lead’s record in the Leads section:

  1. In the Leads section, double click to enter the record of the lead you’d like to convert.

  2. Click the Convert Lead button.

  3. In the new dialog box, click Convert.

Your newly converted lead will now appear as a record in the People Section.


Navigating the People Section


You can customize the People section for more a more meaningful view of your data and easier navigation.

  1. The drop-down menu lets you apply default filters or saved custom filters to your People records so you can view a list with specific criteria applied. You can also set your default view here.

  2. The Add New button lets you add a new person or import an existing list of people.

  3. The Universal Search bar lets you search all record types in Copper for a specific search term.

  4. The Local Search bar lets you search for a specific search term within your People records.

  5. The Person icon lets you view a list of suggested contacts you can quickly add into Copper.

  6. The Gear icon customize the visibility and order of the columns displayed in the list view. You can also create custom fields for your people records.

  7. The funnel icon lets you see a list of available filter criteria and which ones are currently applied. You can also create and save filters from here.

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