Working with Companies

Working with Companies

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In Copper, a company is a business entity that you’re either doing business with currently, or plan to do business with soon. Companies are usually related to a person record, with the person the specific contact that you’re working with in that company.

A company can be associated with multiple person records simultaneously, or it can stand on its own as an entity without any associated person records.

In this section, we’ll learn the following:

When Should I Use Companies?

To decide whether or not to use the companies section, you must determine if:

  • You do business with individuals, or business entities..

  • You track your business interactions with other businesses, associations, etc. or with individual people.

Unless you only do business with specific individuals, you’ll likely use Company records.

Creating a Company Record

To access the Company section, click the Companies icon


in the left navigation menu.


You can create a company record in one of three ways:

  • Adding a New Company from scratch

  • Importing Companies from another source

  • Converting a Lead

The first two methods are accessible by clicking the ADD NEW button at the top of the Companies section.

We’ll go over each method separately.

Add a New Company from Scratch

  1. Click the ADD NEW button. A drop-down menu will appear.

  2. Select Add Company. A new dialog box will appear.

  3. Fill out as much information as you have in the Add a New Company dialog box. The only required field is the Name field, all other blank fields are optional.

Once you’ve finished filling out all the information you’ve gathered, click the Save button in the bottom right corner of the dialog box.

Importing Companies

For instructions on importing, please view our documentation on How to Import Data into Copper, How to Import Data from Excel or CSV or How to Import from Google Contacts.

Converting a Lead into a Company

If you have an existing lead that you would like to turn into a company, you can do so by converting that lead record in the Leads section:

  1. In the Leads section, double click to enter the record of the lead you’d like to convert.

  2. Click the Convert Lead button.

  3. In the new dialog box, click Convert.

Your newly converted lead will now appear as a record in the Companies Section.

Relating a Company to a Person

  1. Double click on the company name that you want to relate to a person.

  2. Click on the plus sign beside the People field on the right side of the screen. Begin typing the name of the person, and the system will either find a match from an existing record, or create a new person record if a match is not found.

Navigating the Companies Section


You can customize the Companies section for more a more meaningful view of your data and easier navigation.

  1. The drop-down menu lets you apply default filters or saved custom filters to your Company records so you can view a list with specific criteria applied. You can also set your default view here.

  2. The Add New button lets you add a new company or import an existing list of companies.

  3. The Universal Search bar lets you search all record types in Copper for a specific search term.

  4. The Local Search bar lets you search for a specific search term within your Company records.

  5. The Gear icon customize the visibility and order of the columns displayed in the list view. You can also create custom fields for your Company records.

  6. The funnel icon lets you see a list of available filter criteria and which ones are currently applied. You can also create and save filters from here.

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