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Step 7. Perfect your Communication Strategy
Step 7. Perfect your Communication Strategy

Step 7. Perfect your Communication Strategy

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A big part of Sales or contact management is communication. You and your team likely have a strategy for how and when you reach out to your contacts. Being able to track these communications so you give the contact all the information they need without overwhelming them is important to building a successful relationship. The 'Activity' section of a record profile in Copper lets you keep an eye on this.

In this module, we'll

Review Interaction Stats

The first thing you'll see across the top of the 'Activity' section are your interaction stats:


Here, we can see the number of interactions, the date of the most recent interaction and the total number of inactive days (where no communication occurred) associated with our contact named Jared Abercrombie.

Review the Activity Log

Below your interaction stats, you'll see the 'Activity Log.' Here you can see details around the interactions you've had with your customers:


Above the 'Activity Log' you can add new content to it. You have three options:

  • Log Activity - This represents a phone call, meeting or other to-do action item. Phone calls, meetings and any custom activity types your admin has added will count toward your interaction stats when you log the activity as complete later on. To-do's will not count toward your interaction stats.

  • Create Note - This is an internal note to your fellow users.

  • Send Email - This lets you send an email via the email account your Copper is synced to. This will count toward your interaction sats.

@mention a colleague in an activity or note

When you log an activity or create a note, you can @mention your colleagues. This is great for requesting approval, prompting a follow-up or just sending an FYI.

  1. Sign into your Copper account and select Leads, People, Companies, Opportunities or Projects from the lefthand menu.

  2. In the center of the page, you'll see an option to 'Log Activity' above the activity stream. Next to that is the option to 'Create Note.'

  3. Click 'To Do' to choose the correct activity type. This might be 'To Do,' 'Phone Call,' 'Meeting,' or a custom activity type created by your admin.

  4. In the activity log input field, type in β€œ@” followed by name(s) of the user(s) you wish to tag. You'll see a list of matching users as you type letters after the "@." Choose the name of the user in your system. If the user is not in Copper or does not have visibility permissions, the tag will remain as plain text and the user will not receive any notifications:

  5. Click 'Enter' on your keyboard to save your note to the activity log. Here's what it will look like saved:


Share files with your team

You and your team might also collaborate through file sharing. In each record profile, you can upload files from your computer, from Google Drive (if your account is synced with Google Suite) and from Dropbox. You'll access these options by clicking the '+' sign associated with the 'Files' section:


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