New List Views - Public Beta

New List Views - Public Beta

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We’re excited to share our new list views is on the way – now better and bolder! Here, we'll be sharing details on the list views beta testing and launch.

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About the new list views & public beta


Our teams have been hard at work over the past months making it easier for you to stay organized, find the information you need faster, and become even more efficient.

We'll be adding more and more functionality to the redesigned list views as we progress, including some features that weren't available in the original list views. We're gonna keep this article up-to-date with everything that's going on, so feel free to check back later!

Update September 2023

We're now in public beta testing! You will see the new design when you open up your People, Companies, Tasks or Opportunities in List View.

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In addition, all users on your account will:

  • See a "Switch to old lists" button at the top of the People, Companies, Opportunities, and Tasks lists in Copper, in case they want to revert back to the old style.

  • In a few days, receive a chat message or email asking for more feedback

What’s available now in this beta release:

  • New List Views on People, Companies, Opportunities and Tasks

  • New In-line Edit

  • New Saved Filter Panel & Settings

  • New List & Preview/Full Detail Navigation UX

  • New Record Type Label

  • Bulk Actions including Bulk Email and Edit

  • Send/Reply email on Preview Sidebar Activity Feed

  • Column Sorting

  • Create Custom Fields on Lists

  • Creating/Saving Filters

  • Integrations & Embedded apps on Records

  • List Columns save to the List and not the User and List Record Type

  • List Views on Leads

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I have feedback, question, or an idea for new functionality on list views. Where can I submit it?

You can share your feedback by submitting our feedback form.

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