Understand and customize Loss Reasons Field

Understand and customize Loss Reasons Field

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When you set an opportunity to 'Lost' in your pipeline, the system prompts you to add a 'Loss Reason.' These are sent to the in-app 'Loss Reasons' report, where you can gain meaningful insight into common reasons why you aren't able to close deals.

In this module, we'll tackle the following:

Understand the Loss Reasons field

Copper is intended to help you sell more. If there are common reasons why you're losing opportunities in your pipeline, you surely want to know. Our 'Loss Reasons' field on an opportunity lets you indicate why it was lost. When you drag an opportunity into the 'Lost' box, you'll be prompted to fill it out. The reasons are collected in your 'Loss Reasons' report in Copper to help you highlight where to target your efforts.

Check out the gif below to see the workflow of losing an opportunity and setting a loss reason.


The default Loss Reasons are:

  • Competitor

  • Features

  • Price

You can rename and reorder these options as well as add custom loss reasons to make the report more tailored to your use case.

Set a Loss Reason on a lost opportunity

  1. Sign into your Copper account, and click 'Opportunities' from the left-hand menu.

  2. Make sure you're in pipeline view by clicking the three horizontal lines icon in the upper right.

  3. Click and drag an opportunity toward the bottom of the page.

  4. You'll see three buttons appear: Lost, Abandoned and Won. Drag the opportunity over the red 'Lost' box and release your mouse.

  5. A 'Loss Reasons' box should appear. Choose your reason from the drop-down, and click 'Save.'

Customize your Loss Reasons field

  1. Sign into your Copper account, and click 'Settings.'

  2. Choose 'Loss Reasons.'

  3. Click 'Add Loss Reason.'

  4. Give your new loss reason a name, and click 'Save.'

  5. Rename any of the default reasons by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the name, edit name, and 'Save.'

  6. Reorder options by selecting parallel line icon to the left of the name, and bringing up or down the list.

  7. Delete any of the default loss reasons you don't want to use by clicking the trash icon to the right of each listing.

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