Google Sync settings

Google Sync settings

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The 'Google Sync Settings' page covers four aspects of our integration with various Google apps, two of which are settings you can adjust. However, it's worth checking out our articles on the Google Suite Integrations to get the big picture, as these four settings are only part of it.

If you want to learn more about the four features mentioned on the 'Google Sync Settings' page, read on:

About synced emails

As the box explains, signing up for Copper with a Gmail address automatically activates the Gmail sync. Check out our article on the Gmail integration to learn more about this functionality.

Sync Copper Tasks to my Google Calendar

Each user can choose whether they want to sync tasks to their Google Calendar. The benefit of doing this is so you can manage your schedule in a single place. Check out our article on syncing your tasks to Google Calendar to learn more.

Google Contact 1-way Sync

Each user can decide whether to activate the Google Contact 1-way Sync for themselves. If activated, Copper syncs contacts (and updates to contacts' profiles) to Google Calendar. Check out our article on Google Contacts integration to learn more.

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