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Creating and syncing events to Google Calendar
Creating and syncing events to Google Calendar

Creating and syncing events to Google Calendar

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Looking for a way to sync your Copper and Google Calendar events? We’ve got you covered!


The Calendar Events sync is a 2-way sync; this means that an update made in either Copper or Google Calendar will be mirrored in the other platform.

When you create Google Calendar events from within a Copper record (leads, people, companies, or opportunities), your invites will be sent as Google Calendar invitations to the contacts associated with that record.

Please note: When you create a Google Calendar event from a Copper record, the contact associated with that record will see your event.

The Calendar Events sync will also automatically sync any existing events, both past and future, from your Google Calendar to Copper (as long as it recognizes the email address associated with a lead, person, company, or opportunity).

Anyone with access to the Copper record will see the calendar event listed in the left column of that record. However, only guests invited to the calendar event can access the event in Google Calendar.

Copper will also automatically log your Google Calendar events in the Activity Log for the associated record.


Start by creating an event in your Google Calendar through the related section of record for the person(s) you’re meeting with.

The email address for the person(s) that you’re sending the invite to must be in Copper.

That’s it. You’ll likely first see the invitation email synced into Copper immediately. Then, once the time of the meeting has passed, it will be logged as an event in the Activity Log.


The names of the participants will be linked those records, and the event can be commented on, pinned to the top or reacted to, just like any other activity.

Check out our short video and we'll go into more detail below.

Creating and Syncing a Calendar Event

Before you begin:

  • Ensure the contact associated with the Copper record has an email
    address on file.

  • Ensure the calendar event will occur within 31 days.

  • Ensure you're linking this event to the Gmail account associated with your Copper account (navigate to Settings > Company Users to verify this).

Follow these steps to create and sync a calendar event:

  1. Sign in to your Copper account and select the record type (Leads, People, Companies, or Opportunities) from which you want to create a calendar event in the left sidebar.

  2. Click on a specific record (lead, person, company or opportunity) from the list view.

  3. In the right sidebar of the record's profile, click the + sign to the right of the “Calendar Events” section.

  4. You'll be redirected to an automatically-created Google Calendar Event form.


    Note: By default, the event time will be set to “All day” and the name of the event will be auto-populated with “Meeting with [name of record]”.

    Be sure to complete step 5 and make any edits you need before sending the calendar invite.

  5. Make your edits to the Google Calendar Event form, click “Save”, and click “Send” to send invitations to whomever you’ve invited.

  6. The event will now display on your Google Calendar.


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