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Legacy Reports: Pipeline Summary

Legacy Reports: Pipeline Summary

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Note: Legacy Reports will be sunset at the end of 2022, and are not available for net-new customers as of April 2022. Admins can use our reporting suite to track company performance.

The 'Pipeline Summary' area allow you to see the performance of your pipeline by stage, based on opportunity close date. These are part of your pipeline reports series.

Pipeline Summary Total

'Pipeline Summary Total' shows the total value of all opportunities in your pipeline stages in the specified date range.

The page displays a bar graph followed by a table. You can always switch between multiple pipelines by selecting it in the 'Pipelines' drop-down menu.

Bar graph: Each bar in the graph represents the value or count brought in by each stage of the pipeline, based on opportunity close date.

Table: Each row shows you the performance of a pipeline stage, including new information like what % of the total sale it represents, the number of opportunities in that stage and their average duration in that stage. If you click on a pipeline stage, you'll see the opportunities that make up the calcuations.

Note: The default time frame is set to half a year starting with two months prior to the current date. Click on the filter icon in the top right to modify the date range for close date, filter for assignee, source, tags and more.

'Pipeline Summary Weighted'

Each stage of your pipeline may have different win probability percentages. An opportunity in the first stage of your pipeline will have a lower probability of winning when compared to an opportunity that you have moved closer to your pipeline's final stage. You can customize win probability percentages when you build or edit your pipeline(s).

'Pipeline Summary Weighted' takes into consideration this win probability by taking the total value of opportunities in a specific stage in your pipeline and multiplying that by the win probability percentage associated with that stage.

This page offers a bar graph followed by a table. You can switch between pipelines by selecting it in the pipelines drop-down menu.

Bar graph: Hover over the bars in the bar graph to see the total value in that stage. The lighter blue represents the total value of the opportunities in that stage. The darker blue represents the weighted value, or the total value of your opportunities multiplied by the win probability percentage of the stage the opportunities are in.

Table: If you click on the row that corresponds to a specific stages in your pipeline, you'll be taken to the opportunities tab displaying the opportunities that were calculated in that stage.

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