App Connector: Calendly

App Connector: Calendly

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Using App Connector to connect Calendly and Copper allows you to automatically:

  • Add new contacts from Calendly to Copper

  • Map custom fields from Calendly to Copper

  • Record the meeting activity for your contacts in Copper

Read below to learn how to set up this connection.

Connecting Calendly and Copper via App Connector


Before you start, you will need:

  • a Copper subscription on the Business tier

  • a Calendly subscription on the Professional plan - make sure you're logged in

To start,

  1. Click Marketing Tools in the left sidebar in Copper

  2. Select App Connector in the grey sidebar

  3. Select Calendly from the list of apps

  4. Under the Calendly logo, click Authenticate

  5. Click Create Connection


You will then be taken to your configuration options.

First, select which meeting types you would like to sync to Copper. If you're a Calendly admin, you'll be able to select from any of the meeting types your organization has in Calendly.


Next, map your Calendly fields to your Copper fields. Email address is automatically mapped, but if you are collecting additional information in Calendly then this step will make sure it's stored in the correct place in Copper. For example, you can map any phone numbers collected through Calendly into Copper.

On the left side, select the field you have in Calendly. Then on the right side select the corresponding field in Copper.


Then confirm how you would like to record any new Calendly engagements.


Finally, scroll back to the top of the page and click Activate.


Now you're connected! You can also return to this area if you need to adjust your settings in the future.

What happens when a new meeting is booked in Calendly?

  1. First, App Connector checks if you enabled that meeting type to be synced during your connection setup.

  2. Then, it checks if the email address used to book the meeting already exists as a contact in Copper. If it does not already exist, the App Connector creates a Lead using the data fields you mapped during setup.

  3. A new meeting activity is logged on the contact. This will happen regardless of whether the contact already existed in the system or if it was created by the App Connector in step 2.

Note: if the contact already exists in Copper, the App Connector will NOT overwrite any existing fields. It will simple log a meeting activity for you.

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