Cancel Subscription

Cancel Subscription

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โ“˜ Only Account Owners can request a cancellation or billing change.

There are two options to cancel your account. The easiest and quickest is through the app.

Through the App

In the Copper web app, go to Settings > Billing. Then, click "Request Cancellation".

Follow the prompts and your account will be set up to cancel on the next renewal date.

Through our Billing Support team

You can contact our Billing Support team through our in app chat or through

Follow the prompts in the chat to provide the necessary information to our team.

Our team gets to requests as quickly as possible but it can take up to 24 hours to receive responses so we always recommend cancelling in app where possible.

Important things to note

You may want to export your data from the account prior to cancellation. You can do this using our export feature.

We don't offer partial refunds

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