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Best practices for images in emails
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Available with the following plans:

All plans

You can add attachments and inline images to your emails in Copper. When adding an inline image, you can:

  • Upload from Computer

  • Add from Copper

You will see some guidance on image file types and email size as shown below:

adding an image in the email composer

This article provides more information on inline image specifications, including:

Supported image file types

Images must be in jpg, jpeg, or png format. Inserting a GIF, SVG, or BMP is not supported.

You can explore one of these options to convert your file into a supported file type:

We also recommend images have a max width of 600 to 800 pixels so they look clear and high-quality on most devices. You can resize images from within the email composer.

Email size

An email must not exceed 20MB in total size to be sent. However, we recommend keeping your emails much smaller to ensure smooth delivery and deliverability.

All email providers enforce a maximum email size that includes text in the email body, inline images, and any attachments.

You can explore these options to keep your email size down:

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