Working with Projects


A project is an undertaking that can be moved from open to completed. It's not a single meeting or phone call (like a task), but an ongoing effort to achieve a goal. It's different from an opportunity because a project does not hold a specific monetary value for your business like an opportunity does. 

In this module, we'll tackle the following:

Understand Projects

Define your workflow

Create a project

Understand Projects

To better understand why you might use projects, let's look at an example:

Let's say you're an Apartment Manager. Every time a renter moves out, you have to schedule an apartment cleaning. This may include tasks, such as a phone call to the cleaner, an in-person meeting with the cleaner to let them in the building and a final inspection. Each of those actions could be represented in Copper as a task under the Apartment Cleaning Project. Each apartment cleaning project shows up on your 'Projects' page, where you can see the status of open or completed:


Define your workflow

Similar to tasks, projects can be created as needed. They are a means of achieving a goal, but not an essential record that moves through your pipeline like a person, company or opportunity. A project might be created if:

  1. You need to track and manage a process from open to close.
  2. This process does not directly hold a monetary value. In other words, this is not a business deal or a sale that you need to move through your pipeline.
  3. You have multiple tasks you want to associate together.

Create a project

To create a project, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Copper account, and select the 'Projects' icon from the lefthand menu.
  2. Click the blue 'Add New' button.
  3. Fill in the 'Project Name' field, as this is required:project1.png
  4. You can optionally fill in the following additional fields:
    • Related To: Enter the name of a person, company, opportunity or task that's related to this project.
    • Owner: This will be you by default, but you can switch it to another user.
    • Status: Open or completed.
    • Visibility: Choose between 'Use Team Visibility Settings' or 'Manually Set Visibility.'
    • Description: Describe the nature of the task.
    • Tags: Add tags to the task for context
    • Add Custom Fields: You can create your own fields to fill out in your account's projects to make them more relevant to your workflow. 
  5. Click 'Save.' 

Once a project is created, the resulting project page looks like this: projects3.png

On the left, we have the project's details, such as who owns it and who can see it.

In the center, we have the activity log. You can @mention colleagues to complete tasks on this project. You can also filter this log to see relevant events. 

To the right, you can see the people, companies, tasks, files and opportunities associated with this project. Note that files can only be added once the project is saved; they can't be added at project creation.

Note: Projects can also be created in the Copper web app, via the Gmail extension, or on the mobile app.

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