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Note: As of April 2022, the Dashboard tab is not available for net-new customers. Admins can use our reporting suite to track company performance.

The 'Dashboards' icon is pre-selected when you sign into Copper. On all plans, you'll have a 'Today' dashboard and an 'Activity' dashboard to help get a birds-eye view into the status of your individual users and teams. 

In this article, we'll tackle the following:

Understand the 'Today' dashboard

When you log into Copper, the first screen you see is your 'Today' dashboard. Think of it as a control panel for your information.  

From here you can see the following information:

  • Suggestions on which contacts to add to Copper
  • Your calendar events for the day
  • Your forecasted sales and forecasted pipeline
  • Opportunities you are following
  • Your upcoming tasks
  • Contacts you’ve had conversations with recently

This is a great place to start your day from and make your plan of attack. For information and instructions on how to customize your dashboard, check out our article on Dashboard Customization.


'Keep Things Moving' Dashboard Recommendations

Copper is designed to help you manage your day and remove the need to sort through mountains of data to understand your top priorities. One of the ways we do this is through our dashboard recommendations.

Dashboard recommendations are interactive cards that appear on your “Today” Dashboard and help you keep things moving with your recent activities. These recommendations help you keep track of upcoming meetings, yet to be completed tasks, and stale correspondence that might need a touch point.

In short, they do exactly what they name suggests, help you keep things moving.


In this section, we’ll go over the different dashboard recommendation cards and how you can interact with them.

Dashboard recommendation cards fall under 3 categories:

  • Keep Relationships Warm
  • Good Meeting Habits
  • Tasks

Keep Relationships Warm

Stale Correspondence - Copper will help you keep things moving by suggesting emails to follow up on. If you’ve emailed a contact and haven’t heard back to them in 3-7 days, a card will suggest that you Follow Up. If one of your contacts has emailed you and you haven’t responded in 3-7 days, a card will suggest that you Reply. Click the link to be brought to the specific email.

If you see a card surfacing that you know you've already responded to, feel free to dismiss it. 

Good Meeting Habits

Prepare for a Meeting - This card will display when you have an upcoming meeting with one or more contacts or leads in the next three days. Clicking the “Prepare” button will take you to one of the meeting attendee’s records, allowing you to view recent activity and correspondence and prepare for the meeting.

Follow up on a Meeting - This card will display after a scheduled meeting on your calendar. Click the “Add Notes” button and be brought to the contact record for one of the meeting attendees so you can add notes and log the activity.

Finish that To-Do List

Task Due Today & Task Due in 3 Days - These cards will display if you have an incomplete task either today, or sometime in the next 3 days. For Tasks that have a due date past the current day, we’ll tell you how long until they’re due.

Clicking the “Get it done” button will bring you to the Task record so you can review any other important information about that task, and mark it complete when you’re finished.

Understand the 'Activity' dashboard

The 'Activity' dashboard shows you how your individual users or teams are spending their time. If you notice a high-performing team spends a lot of time in meetings, you can encourage other lower performing teams to try this approach to success. If you notice a low performing team spends a majority of their time on phone calls, that may be a coaching opportunity to get them in more face-to-face meetings like the high performing teams conduct.


The 'Activity' dashboard can help you measure the following:

  • During periods where we're closing less deals, which activities are high? Perhaps these are taking up too much time or not effective.
  • During periods where we're converting tons of leads, which activities are high? We should continue this strategy.

 This dashboard is available on all subscription plans.

Still have questions?

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