Reports Dashboards: Creating & Editing a Reports Dashboard


You can create your own custom dashboard from scratch to include KPIs and Insights.

This article covers the following:

  1. Creating a New Dashboard
  2. Editing a Dashboard
  3. Adding and Removing KPIs
  4. Adding and Removing Insights
  5. Adding and Removing Filters
  6. Editing Size and Layout
  7. Adding Title and Descriptions
  8. Copying and Deleting Dashboards


Creating a New Dashboard

  1. Open the Reports section
  2. Click plus sign next to Add New Dashboard 
  3. Click Start from Scratch



Editing a Dashboard


  1. Open the Dashboard editor by clicking the Edit button
  2. Remember to click Save & Publish after making your adjustments!


Note: if you don't see the edit button, you may need to zoom out on your browser.


Adding KPIs to a Dashboard


  1. To add a KPI, drag and drop Key Performance Indicator from the New Item list to the dashboard area.
  2. Select a measure to display.
  3. Click the KPI to:
    • Filter by different attributes - select any option in the Filter by section.
      The availability of the options depends on the data available in your workspace.
    • Compare data with the previous period or the same period in the previous year - select the option in the Comparison dropdown.
    • You can also select whether the resulting percentage is displayed in red or green.



Removing KPIs


  1. In editing mode, click on the KPI
  2. Click the trash can icon in the upper right corner


Adding Insights to a Dashboard


  1. To add an Insight, drag the Insight from the Saved Insights list and drop it to the dashboard area.
  2. Click Save & Publish to save

Note: We recommend that you keep the total number of KPIs and Insights on a single dashboard below 16 to avoid delays in computation.


Removing Insights from a Dashboard


  1. Click the three dots [...] in the top right corner of an Insight
  2. Click Remove from Dashboard


Adding Filters to a Dashboard


  1. To add a Filter, drag Attribute Filter from the New Item list to the top of dashboardScreen_Shot_2021-03-25_at_9.19.13_PM.png
  2. Select Attribute you wish to filter on from list


Removing Filters


To remove a filter, drag the Attribute Filter left until blue Drag to remove the drop section appears.


Editing Layout of KPIs and Insights

To rearrange KPI or Insight on a dashboard, drag and drop them to a new place. The dashboard displays the target place as you drag it.


Editing Size of KPIs and Insights

You can adjust the size of the KPI or Insight on a dashboard to suit your needs. To change the width, drag the right end of the KPI or Insight to adjust the width (the number of columns it occupies).


Editing Title and Descriptions

  1. To add a title and/or description for a section on the dashboard, click Add Title here and Add Description here at the top of a section.
    The maximum length of the title is 50 characters; the maximum length of the description is 300 characters.
  2. To hide the title or the description in the View mode, leave it empty when editing the dashboard.
  3. To add a name for the dashboard, click Untitled at the top and type the name.
    To change the dashboard name later, click the Edit button, click the current name, and type the new name.


Copying a Dashboard

  1. Click the three dots [...] in the top right corner of Dashboard
  2. Click Save as New
  3. Update name of dashboard copy
  4. Click Create Dashboard button


Deleting Dashboards

  1. Open the Dashboard editor by clicking Edit button
  2. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  3. Click Delete

Note: if you don't see the edit button, you may need to zoom out on your browser.



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