Begin the Getting Started for Users Guide

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Copper is an easy, simple CRM tool. What is CRM? It stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a tool for managing your relationships with present and future customers. You can use it to communicate with contacts, track your interactions, close a revenue-based business deal and report on your success. 

Our Getting Started Guide for Users is your introduction to working in Copper. Click the links below for definitions, inspiration and exercises to help you get up and running with your account.

First, let's learn how to navigate the tool:

1. Navigate your account

2. Access Copper in Gmail or on the go

Next, let's create the records you'll move through Copper:

3. Create a contact record

4. Move an opportunity through your pipeline

5. Create an action record

Finally, we'll optimize your Copper workflow:

6. Get to know the Google Sync features

7. Perfect your communication strategy

8. Choose your account preferences

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