Create a single Task


A task is a note to self to take action by a certain deadline. You can create single tasks, recurring tasks, or workflow automations that create tasks when a certain event occurs. This article will focus on creating a single task.

Create a Single Task

Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your Copper account and click the 'Tasks' icon from the Menu.
  2. Click the blue 'Add New' button. 
  3. You're only required to give the task a name to start. You can choose to fill out the rest of the default fields. Let's take a look at each one:
  4. Click 'Save.' 
    • Activity Type: This tells you what the task requires. 'To Do' activity types can be used for internal reminders for yourself or to follow up with team members. The other activity types (i.e. Phone Call, Meeting, etc) can be used to track interactions with clients. When you complete the task, you have the option to log the activity and add notes. This allows you to simultaneously complete the task and log the activity in one workflow. To learn more about customizing this feature and using it to pull meaningful data, click here
    • Related To: Choose a lead, person, company, opportunity or project this task is for.
    • Due Date: Set the date and time when this task should be complete. 
    • Owner: The Copper User who owns this task. This is typically the person who should execute the task.
    • Reminder: If you'd like to receive a reminder that your task needs work before it's due, set the date and time you'd like this sent.
    • Priority: Options are none or high. This determines the urgency of the task.
    • Description: Any additional notes you'd like to add to move this task forward.
    • Visibility: Who can see this task? Options are: Everyone, teams, individuals or only me.
    • Tags: Add a tag that's already in your workflow. This can be used for reporting later on. task3.png4. Click 'Save

Once a task has been created, the resulting record looks like this:

Task in list.png

If you click on a task, you'll see its details and notes.

see task detail.png

You can @mention colleagues and multi-select filter the activity log for the task in the notes section as well. 

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