Working with Tasks

Working with Tasks

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Tasks are individual actions assigned to you or your teammates. You might use them to organize your day, to keep important things from slipping, or to bring deadlines to your team’s attention.

In this article, we'll tackle the following:

Understand tasks

A task represents a single action with a deadline. It's a note to self to take that action in the future. Tasks can be related to lead, person, company, opportunity record. When a task is associated with an opportunity record, a task indicator light lets you know if the opportunity has outstanding tasks as you move it through the pipeline.

You select an Activity Type when creating a task, like a to-do, meeting or phone call. Admins can create custom activity types to better reflect your workflow.

By default, tasks are visible to all users in your account. You can change the default visibility so your tasks are 'private,' meaning they're only seen by you and account admins.

Tasks can be created as a single event, a recurring event or automated based on an action that is taken in your account (i.e. create a task to call a new lead after that new lead record is created).

Define your tasks

Think about why you need to create a task:

Is it to remind yourself of a single event in the future? Create a single task.

Is it to remind yourself of an event that will reoccur in the future? Create a recurring task.

Is it to remind yourself to take action (i.e. call a new lead that is created)? Create a workflow automation.

Choose your task settings

Each user can choose personal task settings:

  1. Sign into your Copper account, and click the 'Settings' link in the left-hand menu.

  2. Under 'Preferences,' click 'My Preferences.'

  3. Check the box to 'Make my tasks visible to others by default.' If this is unchecked, only the user and all system admins can see the user's tasks.

  4. Check the box to 'Automatically set reminders on tasks with due dates.' If you check this box, you'll then decide whether this reminder comes a day or two days before the task comes due. When you set the due date in the task template during task creation, the 'Reminder' field will automatically populate for you based on this setting:


Create a task

You can create a task one of three ways:

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