How to use dynamic emails for Gmail Collaboration

With Gmail Collaboration initiated from Copper, you can now respond to comments from your teammate directly through a dynamic email we send once you are mentioned in a note or activity log.

You can start by tagging a teammate in a new note or an activity log of a record in the Copper web app. You do this by typing the @ symbol and begin typing the name of your colleague you’d like to tag.


They will receive a dynamic email with the contents of your message which they can respond to without leaving Gmail. 


After your teammate responds within the dynamic email, you will also get an email as the sender. You can then choose to respond within the email or in the Copper web app. Others can also continue to add comments on the thread once it is initiated and the dynamic email will always show the most up to date information.

All within the comfort of your inbox so you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to. You can also easily navigate to the record for more information in case you need it. Let us know what you think about the feature here. We’d love to continue improving this feature for you.

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