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Customize for the Real Estate Industry

Customize for the Real Estate Industry

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How should a real estate customer use records?

All contacts should be entered first as leads, then converted to people with a related opportunity once the lead is qualified. Companies won't typically be used unless you're doing business deals with corporate real estate.

Leads can be added to Copper in three ways: Manually adding them, bulk importing, or through our Developer API or Zapier. If you use any type of web form, we strongly recommend using Zapier or our API to automatically add leads to Copper via web submission. An example of this might be a Zap between Wufoo and Copper.

The goal of the lead qualification process is to identify if the lead is right for your business or not. Copper helps you categorize Leads with 4 different statuses: New, Contacted, Qualified, Unqualified.

Typical qualification questions for a real estate user include:

  1. When are you looking to purchase?

  2. Are you working with another salesperson or broker? If so, who?

  3. Do you rent or own your current home? Rent amount?

  4. Is there a particular location you prefer?

  5. What is your price range?

  6. What times are best for you to view properties?

  7. How do you like to communicate—by phone, fax, mail, or e-mail?

  8. What special requirements do you need in a property?

Opportunities will represent a sale or deal. Check out the next section for a look at common real estate pipelines.

If your business works in particular residential areas or with large apartment buildings, you can use projects to group opportunities together or to group contacts who are interested in a particular area.

What pipelines should a real estate customer create?

Typical real estate pipelines include:

Selling Pipeline


Buying/Leasing Pipeline


What custom fields should a real estate customer use?

You can customize Copper to store information that's unique to your business with custom fields.

Record: Leads and People

Field Name: Budget

Field Type: Currency

Include in filters

Record: Leads and People

Field Name: Preferred Location

Field Type: Drop-down or Text Field (A drop-down is recommended because you cannot include a text field in filters.)

Record: Opportunity

Field Name: List Value

Field Type: Currency

Include in Filters

Record: Leads and People

Field Name: Interest Start Date

Field Type: Date

Include in filters

Still have questions?

Still have questions? Ask in our Community, and get answers from our Customer Success Team as well as fellow users.

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