Adding Team Members to Copper

Adding Team Members to Copper

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Your permissions are set and it's time to add your team to Copper! First, let's get a sense of the role each team member could occupy.

Understand user roles:

There are four roles you can occupy in Copper.

Account Owner - There can only be one account owner. This person has access to the settings menu, can manage all other users (adding, deleting, etc.), and can make changes to the Copper subscription.

Admin - Admins have access to the same settings as the Account Owner, except for the 'Billing' options. Admins therefore do not have access to invoices and cannot make changes to the plan type, billing cycle, number of seats, or payment method.

When adding a User, Account Owners and Admins will have the option to grant a User admin privileges. You can have more than one Admin in the system.

Admins can see all records, synced emails and activities in the system, regardless of visibility settings on those entities. To note, the Account Owner can mark synced emails private so they are not visible by Admins. You can read more about this in our article on Email Settings.

User - These are your team members. They have the essential functionality required to interact with your people, company and opportunity records to move them through the pipeline.

Add your team to Copper:

The easiest and fastest way to invite a teammate is to use the button on the purple sidebar:


Or you can do it by going to Settings > Account Settings > Company & Invite New Users > Invite Users.


Either way, you'll get a popup asking who you'd like to invite:


By default, the invitation is set to add the new user as regular user with permission to export data, and with Google Sync enabled. To customize this, click the "See options":


If you're an admin or account owner, and you have an available seat on your account, it will give you the option to skip the 7-day user trial and add the new user directly to a paid seat.


The new user will receive an invitation email, which they will need to accept through that email in order to join your Copper account.

If needed, you can re-send an invitation by going to Settings > Account Settings > Company & Invite New Users > Invite users. This is also where admins and account owners can assign a trial user to a paid seat.

Congratulations! You've added a team member to Copper. Continue adding the rest of your team.

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