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Invite a New User

Invite a New User

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Inviting a New User

The easiest way to invite a user is to open up the Copper web app and click the Invite button on the purple sidebar.


You'll get a popup asking who you would like to invite:


By default, the invitation is set to add the new user as regular user with permission to export data, and with Google Sync enabled. To customize this, click the "See options":


If you're an admin or account owner, and you have an available seat on your account, it will give you the option to skip the 7-day user trial and add the new user directly to a paid seat.


The new user will receive an invitation email, which they will need to accept through that email in order to join your Copper account.

If needed, you can re-send an invitation by going to Settings > Account Settings > Company & Invite New Users > Invite users. This is also where admins and account owners can assign a trial user to a paid seat.

What is a 7-day user trial?

A user trial lets a new user access Copper for 7 days at no cost and without occupying a paid seat. During or after that period, an admin, account owner or authorized user can assign the trial user to an empty seat if one is available by going to Settings > Account Settings > Company & Invite New Users. If all seats are filled, the account owner can purchase an additional seat for the new user.

If it turns out that the trial user doesn’t need Copper access after all, you can simply let their trial expire. We don't charge you automatically at the end of a trial.

User trials are helpful for:

  • Giving a teammate access to Copper as soon as possible, even if the account owner hasn’t had a chance to purchase a seat.

  • Testing to see whether it would be beneficial to give a new teammate a paid seat in Copper.

  • Letting a teammate from another department try out Copper to see if their department would find value in using it.

  • Re-assigning a paid seat from an old user to a new one without any hiccups.

Who can invite new users?

By default, any Copper user can invite another user.

Admins and Account Owners have access to a checkbox for "Only allow Account Owners and Admins to invite new users" - this allows them to block regular-level users from inviting additional users.

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