Step 5: Create an Action Record

Step 5: Create an Action Record

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You've created your leads, people, companies and opportunities. What do you need to do to move those forward in your workflow? Projects are a big picture, ongoing undertaking that must be moved from open to completed. Tasks are one-off action items that can help complete a project; or move a lead, person, company or opportunity forward.

Check with your admin to determine whether you'll use tasks or projects in your workflow.

In this module, we'll tackle the following:

Define a project

A project is an undertaking that can be moved from open to completed. It's not a single meeting or phone call (like a task), but an ongoing effort to achieve a goal. Projects have two statuses: Open and closed. Projects can contain tasks, which represent the individual actions needed to move that project from open to closed.

While the relationship between projects and tasks might sound similar to the relationship between pipelines and opportunities, the big difference is that an opportunity has a monetary value associated with it. A pipeline represents a revenue stream; a project does not.

Define a task

Tasks are individual actions assigned to you or your teammates. You might use them to organize your day, to keep important things from slipping, or to bring deadlines to your team’s attention. The 'Activity Type' field on a task lets you indicate what action will take place: A to-do, a phone call, a meeting, or a custom value your admin might create.

A task is different from an opportunity because a task does not hold a specific monetary value for your business like an opportunity does.

Create a task

To create a task, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your Copper account and click the 'Tasks' icon from the Menu.

  2. Click the blue 'Add New' button.

  3. You're only required to give the task a name to start. You can choose to fill out the rest of the default fields.

  4. Make your additional field selections.

  5. Click 'Save.' The result will look like this:


The 'Details' section shows you all the information you filled out when creating this task. The 'Notes' section displays your activity log and lets you add new internal notes, which we'll learn more about in step 7.

Tasks can help any user keep track of their schedule. Tasks are optimized with the Google sync. If your Copper account is synced to Google Suite, you'll see additional benefits from tasks outlined in step 6.

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