How does Copper automatically input data?

How does Copper automatically input data?

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Copper uses third-party company FullContact to look and scrape for information when you add a lead, person or company to your system.

If you have logged in by authenticating with Google, we will also pull information from your Google Contacts to input information automatically into the system.

What triggers the automatic gathering of data?

Entering in the email address for lead or people records, or email domain for company records.

If you do not see data auto populating, that means we did not find anything. If you think your auto scraping is broken, a good test is to add a company called "Apple" with the email domain, You should see data auto populate after this.

What other criteria is required for the auto population of data?

The email address you enter for lead or people records has to match the email address they are registered with in the social media that's public. Profiles set to public will also not work.

When you click on Add Person in the Extension you may notice some information is pre-filled before adding the information.

My contact has social media and/or signature but there is no data.

There are a variety of reasons contact data may not always be fetched. Unfortunately, since Copper uses these 3rd party tools we are not always able to identify why information may not be immediately gathered.

One reason could be that the email-address in your Copper contact record is not the registered email-address of the select social media.

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