Chrome Extension is Not Working

Chrome Extension is Not Working

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Below you will find some common fixes for any issues you may be experiencing with the Copper Chrome Extension for Gmail.

Option 1: Clear your cache

  1. In the Chrome menu, go to Preferences ⇨ Advanced ⇨ Privacy and Security ⇨ Clear Browsing Data.

  2. Make sure the following options are selected:

    • Choose "Since the beginning of time"

    • Cookies and other site and plugin data

    • Hosted app data

  3. Click "Clear Browsing Data"

  4. In the Chrome menu, navigate to Preferences ⇨ About Chrome and make sure Chrome is updated to the current version.

  5. Quit and reopen Chrome.

  6. Try signing into Copper again.

Option 2: Try Reinstalling our Extension

  1. Go to the Chrome menu and click Preferences ⇨ Extensions ⇨ Click "Remove" next to the Copper extension.

  2. Click "Confirm" again to confirm the removal of the extension.

  3. Click "Add to Chrome"

  4. Click "Add Extension" on the pop-up.

  5. Try signing into Copper again.

Option 3: Disable other Extensions

If the above options do not fix your issue, the following can interfere with the extension. Please try disabling them.
- Google labs
- Non-Google, third-party extensions

If it turns out to be the other extensions that are disabling its use, you can enable the Copper Extension in Incognito Mode and use it in Incognito. That way if it turns out it is your non Google extensions causing it to work inconsistently, you can only use the Copper extension turned on Incognito.

Note: email tracking will not work in incognito mode. Steps to do this:

  1. Click the three dots at the top right of your Chrome browser -> More Tools -> Extensions

  2. Uncheck everything except for Copper.

  3. Restart Chrome

  4. Try signing into Copper again.

If you are still experiencing issues with the extension after trying the above options, please contact our support team using the in-app chat.

For more information, check out our Copper Extension FAQs.

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