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Email settings and Email Templates

Email settings and Email Templates

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The 'Email Settings' page lets you make choices around your email workflow and templates.

Across the top of the 'Email Settings' page you'll see three tabs: Preferences, My Templates and Shared Templates (only for Admins on Professional and Enterprise)


Let's review the settings contained in those three in-page tabs. You'll notice that each links to another article that covers the feature in more detail:

Email preferences


Note: we strongly recommend checking the box for "Mark synced emails public by default" - this will allow for maximum visibility and transparency in our organization!

The 'Email Preferences' box lets each user choose how they want to send and receive emails. You have three choices in the drop-down menu at the top of the box:

  • 'Send and reply from Copper' - You're telling the system you prefer to work on emails in the Copper web app. You must be synced with Gmail to use this preference. The 'Send and reply' preference is required if you want to use features like bulk send and email templates. You will compose and press send on an email in Copper, but it will still technically be sent out via Gmail.

  • 'Email links open in Gmail' - You're telling the system you prefer to work on emails in Gmail. You must be synced with Gmail to use this preference. When you click to compose an email from within Copper, a Gmail pop-up window will appear, letting you compose the email right in Gmail.

  • 'Email links open in my default email client' - You're telling the system you prefer to work on emails in your third party email client. This will work if your Copper account was created with the third party email client.

  • Please note: Emails between Copper users will not sync into your Copper account.

Admin Private Email Visibility (Account Owner)


The Admin Private Email Visibility control is a setting that is only visible to Account Owners. This setting allows the Account Owner to determine if all emails, regardless of privacy and visibility settings, are visible to Admin or not.

By unchecking the box, the Account Owner removes this access, and visibility settings will affect Admin in the same way that they affect Users. You can read more about what this looks like in our Email Visibility article.

Individual Email Visibility Control (Admin)


The 'Individual Email Visibility Control (Admin)' is just as the name suggests: Only visible to admins. You'll have two options for your team:

  • 'Yes, users may specify their own default visibility (private by default)' - While there is no setting that lets admins make all emails public when they come into Copper, this is as close as it gets. You're letting each user choose whether they want to make their emails public or private.

  • 'No (always private by default)' - When a user's emails sync to Copper, only the user and all admins can see those emails. Fellow users cannot see each other's emails.

The strategy behind this decision is something we've detailed in our 'Email Visibility' article, so head over there if that's what you're looking for.

Copper Mailbox


The 'Copper Mailbox' setting is for those of you who are not using our Gmail sync feature.

You can still sync your emails to Copper by including the email address provided there in the BCC line of any email you want to sync. Each user can add this email address to individual emails they want to sync. If you'd prefer to sync all emails to Copper, check to see if your email client has an auto-bcc setting.

Each user can also check a box if you want any of the CC'd people in an email chain to be sent to Copper as people (bypassing the 'Suggested Contacts' feature, which only works for Gmail users).

To access your unique Copper Mailbox address:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Personal Preferences > Email Settings & Templates.

  2. Select the Preferences tab at the top, and scroll down to the Copper Mailbox section.

  3. Copy the unique email address that is provided and paste it into the BCC section of your email.

Note: if you're using the Copper Mailbox address to sync emails, files and attachments in those emails will not be automatically associated to the contact.

Email Open Tracking in Chrome (Professional and Business)


The 'Email Open Tracking' checkbox activates email tracking in your Chrome Extension. Check out our article on email tracking to know when emails you've sent have been opened. Email tracking is available on our Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. Check out our article on our Chrome extension for Gmail if you want to add Copper functionality to your Gmail inbox so you can work out of one browser window.

Email Templates

Email templates are a great feature to speed up a repetitive workflow. If your customers all tend to ask the same questions, you can apply a pre-written response to these emails with one click. Merge tags pull default field data into your response so it's personalized.

The 'My Templates' tab is available to all users on Professional and Business subscriptions. You can create your own email templates that are only available to you.

The 'Shared Templates' tab is available to admins on the Professional and Business subscriptions. This allows admins to create templates for the whole team.

You can also add file attachments and inline images to email templates, so that when you use that template the file is automatically attached to the email.

πŸ“£ To add an inline image: Click the image icon in the compose window to upload an image from your computer or choose one from your existing Copper files. You can also add alt text to describe the image for accessibility purposes.

Check out our video and article on email templates for help creating your workflow and creating your templates.

Still have questions? Ask in our Community, and get answers from our Customer Success Team as well as fellow users.

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