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Reorder and/or hide the Related section
Reorder and/or hide the Related section

Reorder and/or hide the Related section

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The Related Settings feature allows you to reorder and remove items from the "Related" section of Lead, People, Company, Opportunity and Project records.

For example, as an Admin you may want to remove the ability to access or upload files on Lead records. Or, you may want to move the QuickBooks Online integration from the bottom, to the top of the Related section for more visibility into invoices. The Related settings will let you accomplish both of these things.

In this article, we'll go over:

The "Related" Section

The related section can be found on the right side of any record you are viewing within Copper. When viewing a record in the fullscreen view, the related section is visible on the right side.


When viewing a record with the side panel view or while using the Chrome Extension, the related section is the the tab on the right, after Details and Activity.


This section contains items related to the record you are viewing. This may include other records, file attachments, tasks, calendar events, and projects. As you connect to various integrations (QuickBooks Online, Xero, Hubspot, ZenDesk, etc) the information from those other services will also be displayed in the related section.

Remove and Reorder Objects in the Related Section

In Related Settings, you can view which objects and integrations are visible in the related section for each record type.

For example, under People, you can see that Copper displays related Opportunities, Tasks, Files, Calendar Events and Projects.

Let's say you want to remove Projects and Files from the People section and move Tasks and Calendar events to the top.

  1. Click the minus symbol in the circle on the right side of Projects

  2. Repeat for Files

  3. Click and hold the two lines to the left of Tasks and drag it to the top spot.

  4. Repeat for Calendar Events

That's it! Your changes will go into effect immediately and be visible on the related section of all People records. Any hidden objects will appear below the list in case you need to reactivate them.

Check it out in action:

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