Rename Record Types

Rename Record Types

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The Record Types feature allows you to to rename the core record types in Copper to better suit the specific naming conventions used in your industry. Renaming Record Types lets you edit the singular and plural names for Leads, People, Companies, Opportunities, Tasks and Projects.

For example, if your organization has historically referred to “Leads” as “Prospects” and “Companies” as “Organizations”, you can make that change in Copper. This can be incredibly helpful in speeding up your team’s adoption of a new CRM. This is also helpful if your industry utilizes specific nomenclature that you’d like to have reflected in Copper.

In this module, we’ll tackle the following:

Understand how to rename record types

Records are an integral part of any CRM and their default names will appear almost everywhere you look within Copper. Though our default record names are common across many verticals, there may be instances where it makes sense for your organization to rename the various record types to better suit your specific industry.

To access Record Types, start by navigating to Settings > Customize Copper > Records Types.

Start by choosing the language you’d that you’d like to rename record types for. The default is English, but you may select a different language from the dropdown list.


Next, click the pencil icon on the right to start editing the particular record name of your choice.


In the edit box, you’ll be asked to define both the singular and the plural version of your new record name.


When you’re finished, click “Confirm”. The page will refresh, and once it’s loaded, you’ll see your new record name appear in place of the default.


Video Instructions

Check out this video to see Record Renaming in action:

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