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Add a Copper ID to the People record
Add a Copper ID to the People record

Add a Copper ID to the People record

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How do I add the Copper ID to my people records?


Copper creates a unique ID for all your records. You can see this ID in the URL for a specific record's page. If you'd prefer to see it as a filterable field value on the record's profile, this work-around can help.

Currently, the only place to see the Copper ID for a record is in the URL bar above the record page. For example, here you can see Adam Cooper has an ID of 30472390:

If you want to add the Copper ID as a filterable field value on a record as pictured below, you'll want to create a custom field:

To extract the Copper IDs and insert them into the record via a custom field, follow the steps below:

First, you'll extract the Copper IDs

1. Sign into your Copper account and click 'Settings' from the left-hand menu.

2. Under 'Data Management,' click 'Export Data'.

3. Click the blue 'Export People' button.

4. You'll receive an email with a downloadable .xlsx file of your exported data.

5. Download the file, then open it.

6. Delete all columns except 'Copper ID'. It will be the second to last field on the left.

7. Make a copy of the 'Copper ID' column and title it 'ID'

8. You should now have a spreadsheet that only has two columns. Delete all rows except for the top three because we are doing a test and do not want to try it on too many records first.

9. In the upper menu, click File > Download as > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx). This will download this file as an Excel file.

Next, you'll create the custom field that hosts this Copper ID on a record

1. Sign into your Copper account and click 'Settings' from the left-hand menu.

2. Under 'Customize Copper,' choose 'Custom Fields'.

3. Click the blue 'Add Custom Field' button

4. A lightbox will appear prompting you to fill in the details about this field:


Let's take a look at what you should put in each prompt

  • Under 'Field Label', call this field 'ID'.

  • Under 'Field Type', choose 'Number Field'.

  • Under 'Available On', pick the records where you want this field to appear.

  • If you'd like to filter your Copper IDs, check the box to 'Include in Filters?'

5. Click 'Save'.

Note: If you want the field to be searchable instead of filterable, make it a text area field instead of a number field.

Finally, you'll import the Copper IDs

1. Sign into your Copper account and click 'Settings'.

2. Scroll down to the 'Data Management' section and choose 'Import Data'.

3. Since the file we originally exported contained Copper IDs for people records, we'll choose the blue 'Import People' button.

4. Choose 'Excel'.

5. Upload the file you downloaded in the first section of this workaround.

6. The resulting page will prompt you to make some important decisions about this file prior to importing. Of note:

  • Check the box to 'Manage matching records'.

  • Under 'How do you want to handle matched records?' click the 'Overwrite' circle.

  • In the 'Select Field' drop-downs, choose the two fields that remain in the excel file from earlier. Specifically, you'll first select 'Copper ID'. Next to that, you'll choose 'ID'.

8. Click the 'Continue Import' button.

9. In the confirmation box that appears, you'll be prompted to type 'IMPORT' to confirm it's what you want to do.

10. The import will start. Once it is done, click the 'Summary' link corresponding to it.

11. In the lightbox that appears, you'll click '2 people' from the 'Records Created' section.

12. Double check the records to make sure all the data is still there and looks accurate.

13. If all looks good, you can do this for the rest of your fields, but in small batches.

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