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Using Copper's Google Sheets Add-On
Using Copper's Google Sheets Add-On

Using Copper's Google Sheets Add-On

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If you need to build your own reports to capture the data that's uniquely meaningful to your business we offer the Copper CRM Google Sheets add-on.

The add-on will import your Copper data into Google Sheets, where you can make meaningful data correlations or export to another reporting tool of your choice.

In this article, we'll tackle the following:

Install the Google Sheets Add-on

Install our Google Sheets add-on here or by opening a Google Sheet and going to "Add-ons" in the toolbar.


This will open the Google Workspace Marketplace where you can search for "Copper" to install the add-on.

Import data

Please Note: When importing data into Google Sheets, we recommend importing in batches of 20k rows or less. If you import more than 20k rows at once you may receive and error and the import will fail.

1. Open a Google Sheet, and click 'Add-ons' from the upper menu.

2. Select 'Copper CRM' from the menu, then choose 'Import Data' from the sub-menu attached to it.



3. In the menu bar that appears on the right side of the Google Sheet, sign into your Copper account.


4. Choose what type of record you want to import from the first drop-down menu, and choose a filter from the second drop down menu.


5. Click the blue 'Import Data' button. The import may take a few minutes depending on how much data you're bringing into the sheet.

6. You should see a new sheet tab appear in the existing sheet once your data imports.


7. You can import multiple sets of data separately by clicking the blue 'Start new import' button once it appears at the right. Each new set of data will create a new tab along the bottom of the sheet.

Note: Clicking update data icon will update the Google Sheet with the newest import. Any formatting and saved changes will but overridden by the import.

Pro-Tip: To create reports and customize the imported data, you can duplicate the Google Sheet and perform all the customization on the duplicate sheet. When you run the import again, only the original sheet of the imported data will be updated.

Still have questions?

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