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Google Sheet Add-on: How to export Activities
Google Sheet Add-on: How to export Activities

Google Sheet Add-on: How to export Activities

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You may want to export activities (calls, meetings, etc.). While this isn't possible out of the box, we've created a handy tool in conjunction with our Google Sheet Add-on.

This tool will allow you to export activities by record type (ex. people records) into Google Sheets.


Before you can export your activities, you'll want to get your hands on a few tools to help you:

1. Get a copy of our spreadsheet. When you click this link, you'll then click the blue 'Make a copy' button to open the doc.

2. Download our Google Sheet Add-on.

Export your activities

1. Open our spreadsheet (which you downloaded in the 'Pre-work' section). Across the center of the spreadsheet, you'll see a box called 'Get Activities on Records.'

2. In the box, choose your 'Record Type' from the drop-down menu to the right:

**Note: You cannot cut/copy and paste anything in the white sheet outside of the box where you enter in the . There are hidden formulas in the empty cells. If you are running into errors, please start from Pre-work step 1, and make a new copy.


3. In the next row down, choose your 'Activity Category' from the drop-down menu. User means activities that you log. System means activities that our system is logging, like stage change, or record reassigned, etc.


4. In the next row down, enter the email address you use to log into your Copper account.

5. Generate an API token:

  • Sign into your Copper account and click 'Settings' from the lefthand menu.

  • Under 'Preferences,' choose 'API Keys.'

  • Click the blue 'Generate API Key' button.

  • Copy the token.

6. Paste your API token in the spreadsheet in the 'Copper API Token' section:


7. In the menu if your spreadsheet, go to Add-ons > Copper CRM > Import data

8. In the menu bar that appears on the right side of the Google Sheet, sign into your Copper account.

9. When asked to 'Choose what you want to import,' enter the 'Record Type' you selected previously in the spreadsheet. For instance, in our example we chose 'People,' so we'd select 'People' here.

10. In the 'Filter' drop-down below that, choose your desired filter. In this case, we're choosing 'All People.'

11. Click the blue 'Import Data' button when you're done:


12. You may see a loading screen next as the import processes. When processing is complete, you should see a new tab for a new sheet at the bottom of your spreadsheet. Keep in mind, it might take a while to load.


13. Once all your records have loaded, go to back to 'Sheet1' in the spreadsheet.

13. In the menu across the top, select 'Copper' > 'Get Activities.'


14. On the pop-up screen that appears, click 'Advanced'

15. Click the option to 'Go to Copper Activity Extractor.'

16. Click to 'Allow' Google to 'View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive,' etc.


17. As the notification that says 'Running Script' remains, you'll see your rows populating in a third sheet. Wait until it is complete. Keep in mind, there might be a blank screen with the green pop up sitting for a while. Keep in mind it can take from 5 -10 minutes to load.


Due to the script execution time limit of 6 mins from Google, this process may need multiple runs. We observed that it could take quite a while to finish the whole job. In the meantime, you can always check whether it’s complete or not by comparing the last row on 2nd tab (resource sheet) and 3rd tab (activities sheet). If the last rows have same record ID, then we know it is finished.

You're all done. If you want to make a new query, refresh the page and always keep the second sheet be the records sheet you want to get activities on. Then you can click the Copper menu again. Result sheet will always be created as third tab.

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