How to reformat dates in a Google sheet

How to reformat dates in a Google sheet

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Copper exports data in a MM/DD/YYYY format. Here are steps to convert the date to DD/MM/YYYY via Google sheets.


1. Go to Copper -> Settings -> Export data

2. Go to your email and download the report

4. Create a new blank spreadsheet

5. Go to File -> Import

6. Import in the file

7. Highlight the column with the dates you want to change

8. Select Format -> Number -> Date

9. Then select Format -> Number -> Date -> More Formats -> More date and time formats...

10. Put your cursor/mouse at the end of where it says year and delete everything

So it looks like this:

11. Click the arrow to the right of the box so it looks like this

12. Select Day and type a / behind it

13. Then add month/year

14. Click "Apply"

15. You should see the dates change to your preferred format.

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