Activepipe Integration

Activepipe Integration

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ActivePipe is an email marketing platform specifically for real estate professionals that automatically sends curated email campaigns based on surveys, behavioral and intent data. customizes and sends highly personalized emails. Imagine if you could send someone an email with listings within their desired neighborhood and budget just by adding a tag or status in Copper? That's what ActivePipe and Copper can do together.

When you integrate Copper and ActivePipe, you:

  • Enable your agents to send highly personalized email campaigns to their contacts without any manual work.

  • Remove the need for agents to switch between systems.

  • Gain the ability to identify highly engaged prospects for your agents to continue nurturing.

  • Centralize your engagement and communication data in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I set up the ActivePipe integration?

Once you purchase ActivePipe, their team will provide direct support to set up the integration.

How does the integration work?

First, your ActivePipe admin will need to configure the emails from within ActivePipe. This includes choosing when those emails are initiated, such as when a certain tag is applied to a Copper contact. ActivePipe's automatic sync detects when a Copper contact matches the email's trigger and then customizes and sends the emails accordingly.

The integration also records these activities in the Copper contact's activity log:

  • When an email is sent to them

  • When they click on an email

  • When they select the View in Browser option from that email

How do I find out more?

Visit ActivePipe's help center or contact their support team for questions or more information.

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